YQL Open Tables for Google Social Graph API

At some point, everyone has performed an ego search on their own name. Some may call this vain, but it's a good technique to see what information about you is discoverable across the web. The Google Social Graph API packages this information in a convenient format for developers and makes it accessible via a REST interface. This is a powerful tool for finding a user's connections and associations.

Since we have so many social data sets in YQL (OpenSocial, Flickr, Twitter, Meme, Yelp, etc.), it was only natural to build an Open Table for the Google SocialGraph API. Now, connecting users with their connections is easier than ever.

You can find the SocialGraph API tables in the yql-tables repository on Github. The google.socialgraph.lookup.xml table wraps the lookup endpoint. The google.socialgraph.otherme.xml table wraps the otherme endpoint.

You can use these tables in your queries like this:
USE 'http://github.com/yql/yql-tables/raw/master/google/google.socialgraph.lookup.xml'
AS google.socialgraph.lookup;
SELECT * FROM google.socialgraph.lookup WHERE q='laaker.com' AND fme=1 AND edi=1;

Play with this query in the YQL console.

Lawrence Morrisroe
YOS Developer