YQL + Kynetx power AmaCraigBay, a winning comparison shopping app

Just before the holidays, some folks from YDN had a conversation with some folks from Kynetx about how developers were using YQL to manipulate web data from various sources atop the rapidly evolving Kynetx platform. We decided to collaborate on a fast-paced online contest for the best submitted app using YQL + Kynetx. All of us were thrilled by the caliber of the submissions -- a testament to the power of useful and well-built tools.

YDN and Kynetx technical evangelists jointly reviewed the apps. Chris Slade, a computer science professor based in Hawaii, turned in the winning app: AmaCraigBay. It's a "comparison shopping" app that pulls product search results from Amazon, Craigslist, and Ebay onto one page, to help you find the best deal--and it's available as a bookmarklet or as a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Chris wins a 16GB iPad provided jointly by Yahoo! Developer Network + Kynetx.

Over on the Kynetx blog, Brad Hintze talks to Chris:

?What gave you the idea for AmaCraigBay?
I always heard my friends talk about getting this really good deal on Craigslist. I never think to check Craigslist when I want to buy something. I saw that Craigslist was in YQL's console and connected the idea. I also thought that eBay would be good to include, because I never think to check eBay either.

Read the whole Q & A.


Honorable Mentions

I wanted to quickly highlight some of the other submissions that came through. They all receive an honorable mention, a YQL t-shirt, and an invitation to write a guest blog post here. Props to the following apps for their inventive use of YQL + Kynetx:

- Darren Levy's FaceTheMusic bookmarklet, which lets you use Facebook to find more music you might like.

- Aaron Frost's Kwiki, a sidebar wiki code completion tool that works alongside the Kynetx appbuilder.

- Ed Orcutt's NewsCloud, a cloud-based news aggregator/reader.

- Loic Devaux's Semantic Web Tagging, a very interesting work in progress, that begins by using four different semantic APIs for keyword extraction via some new YQL tables.


Congratulations to everyone for some fine examples of what can be done quickly and easily with YQL and Kinetx in tandem. Darren, Aaron, Ed and Loic, we'll contact each of you to get a t-shirt size and mailing address.