YQL Console using YUI’s HTML5 storage utility

You now can keep track of the last 100 queries you've made in the Recent Queries dropdown on the YQL Console.

YQL Console showing Recent Queries

This is available to FireFox 3+, Safari 4+, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 8 users — we know you're probably using one of these browsers already :)

We used YUI's storage utility to implement this easily.

The queries will persist — even if you close the browser down and restart — where previously it only kept session-based history. Simply choose Clear to erase your recent queries.

If you want to save a frequently used query, you can save it by using the Create Query Alias link. Not only will it customize the REST endpoint for your query, it's a great way to keep favorite ones handy. Note: You have to log in to use the Create Query Alias feature.