YDN University Seminars in Turkey

In October, five big universities in Turkey invited us to talk about the Yahoo! Developer Network. This was really important for us, as the time coincided with a special period for Y!OS. We had Yahoo! Profiles launch in Turkey and got the chance to announce it while giving presentations to many university students. Profiles launch may have a special side for Turkey as we really love social networks in Turkey. As an example, we have the fourth biggest network on Facebook. So, Turkey has a very special profile in our minds as it's the youngest country of Europe and has a fast growing internet penetration.

Volkan Bicer presenting

YDN seminars were hosted by Bogaziçi, ODTU, Bilkent, TOBB ETU, Hacettepe Universities with their Engineer/Computer Clubs and the IEEE student org. It’s very honorable for us to be invited by them and we got the chance to talk about how YDN can help them on their projects. We gave examples of API usage and showed them how simple it is to use an API in their projects. YUI Library is another part that they’re really interested in.

Entrepreneurship on web based projects is now very popular in Turkey, we also tried to show them that with the community based work using YDN, their start up projects can grow faster. The audience was mainly computer engineering students which make the presentations very valuable both for them and us to catch the right audience with the right content.

Audience listening

We also delivered YDN t-shirts at the end of the seminars and the participants really liked them. After 5 days we had no more t-shirts left, having delivered more than 300. We promised to send more supplies for the later talks.

For these seminars, our special thanks to Bogaziçi Engineering Society, ODTU Computer Club, Bilkent Computer Club, Hacettepe IEEE student organization, TOBB ETU Computer Club.

Volkan Biçer
Turkey Community Manager, Y! East Europe