YDN Tuesday – Automated Frontend Testing

On Tuesday 7th April, we held our third monthly "YDN Tuesday" technical talk event in London, this time with me (Neil Crosby) talking about Automated Frontend Testing. We run YDN Tuesdays on the first Tuesday of every month, and you can find out about (and sign up for) future talks by keeping an eye on Upcoming.

One of the things I'm tasked with at Yahoo! is making sure the frontend code we put into production is of a high quality. So, for the last few months I've been looking hard at implementing tools that can help to check for issues with our code where we deviate from our internal standards. And that's what I talked about last night...

Coming soon! The vodcast on SkillsMatter's website

As I mention in the talk, the Test Suite I've been writing is available on GitHub under a Creative Commons Attribution- Sharealike licence. So, you're able to grab it and make use of it (and contribute any improvements back into the project as well).

I'm going to be writing a lot more about Automated Frontend Testing on my blog over the next few weeks, so if you're interested in the topic please do come over and join in the conversation.

At next month's YDN Tuesday event, on Tuesday 5th May at 6:30pm, Dirk Ginader will talk about Web
. It's completely free to attend, but please sign up at Skills Matter's website so that we know how many chairs to put out!

Neil Crosby
Yahoo! Europe Web Developer Architect