YDN Theater: presenting Yahoo! technologies in action

Just over a year ago we posted our first video from YDN, the browser-based authentication screencast with Dan Theurer. Though we went totally low-fi on that first attempt, we realized immediately that talking about technology visually was very interesting.

We continued down the video path and interviewed developers like Joyce Park, Adam Rifkin, and Leah Culver; captured Tech Talks by several key Yahoo! thought leaders like Douglas Crockford, Ryan Kennedy, and Nate Koechley; shared presentations from guest speakers at Yahoo! like Grady Booch, Joe Hewitt and David Weinberger; and produced some entertaining Hack Day videos from the London Hack Day event, University Hack Day and our recent internal Hack Day.

Today we take the next step by launching YDN Theater.

There you'll find more of what we've been doing already plus new programs like Jeremy Zawodny's "Experts at Work" series including the first episode with Chief Performance Yahoo! Steve Souders this week and coverage from industry events like last month's Adobe MAX event in Chicago.

YDN Theater owner Ricky Montalvo is a professional videographer and digital filmmaker who will be cranking out new programs weekly. Since starting just over a month ago, Ricky has already raised our game dramatically both in terms of the quality of what we produce but also the number of interesting programs we have to offer. He not only makes developers look better (where possible) and tells a good visual story, but he also adds a nice touch of humor to what we do that makes our videos much more fun to watch now.

Of course, we offer YDN Theater via RSS, but you can also get your video fix from Yahoo! Developer Network by subscribing directly through iTunes.

Please let us know what you want to see us do with YDN Theater, what you like and don't like. We want it to be useful, primarily, but there are lots of ways to entertain you along the way, too.

Matt McAlister