YDN Sponsors COSCUP in Taiwan

Last weekend, YDN Taiwan sponsored open source conference COSCUP in Taipei.

Developers at COSCUP, Taiwan
Photo credit: Joseph Jiang

It was really a successful event for developers. Here are some of the things I enjoyed at the conference:

Plurk is so popular!

Everyone must have a plurk account or they are out of date. One of the sponsors even used plurk: if a developer adds KKBox as friend and replies to a plurk, they get a chance to win a lottery.

Crazy topics

- Let developers use JavaScript to write code on Google App Engine. jQuery on Google App Engine.
- LXDE : A operating system using Firefox core. You only have to know HTML/CSS/JavaScript to write programs for this OS. See http://www.xpud.org/index.zh.html.


- More and more cloud topics, including programming language (Python, JavaScript, or PHP), Apache HBase, and Windows Azure. Even speakers about something unrelated would try to relate their topic to cloud computing.
- 5 Google Android related sessions on the afternoon of the second day. People in Taiwan are beginning to put heavy focus on the mobile industry. Some developers feel that hardware related topics will become more and more important in developer events.

Useful Topics

- Symfony, a PHP framework
- VIM, the most popular editor in the world
- ZK5, a JavaScript Framework
- GitHub, the version control system
- Redmine, an open source project management application

One last thing that is worthy to mention. One guy made a poster which includes all the communities in Taiwan. Just like a subway system. He spent several months to gathering all the correct information.

Taiwan API map
Photo credit: Joseph Jiang

For more photos from COSCUP, see Flickr images tagged with coscup2009.

Joseph Jiang
YDN Taiwan