YDN at She’s Geeky

Last week, Havi and I attended She's Geeky along with Erin Malone, and my daughters, Cady and Grace Tippins. She's Geeky is styled along the lines of a typical unconference, with participants proposing a schedule of sessions at the start of the day.

At our session, we showed participants how to play the Social Mania Game, a social patterns card game that allows you to build products, gain points for great features, and eventually 'pitch' your completed product to the player representing a VC. The game was fun, of course, but the feedback we got was the great benefit. Erin and Christian Crumlish created Social Mani to teach people about social patterns and as a complement to their book, Designing Social Interfaces. Since the game is still in beta, some of the suggestions made at She's Geeky may make it into future revisions.

My Nerdy Kids

Lynn Langit, Cady Tippins, Grace Tippins
Photo credit: Duzins

My favorite session, "How to teach kids to program," was taught by Lynn Langit, Developer Evangelist at Microsoft Developer Network. After that session, Cady went home and spent all weekend, head-down, running through recipes in Small Basic.

Since it was at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, several attendees snuck downstairs to partake of the other offerings as well. There were more than a few who joined us to watch the Babbage Difference Engine demo at 2pm, and me and my children spent half an hour looking at the examples of computers and game consoles of old (i.e., pre-1995).

She's Geeky was a large success, and I give props to the ladies that put the whole thing together. The five of us were only there on Friday, but watching the tweets from Saturday and Sunday told me that the event continued to generate attention and discussion on those days as well.