YDN OverTheAir09: Mobile platforms, widgets and Daleks

This past weekend YDN attended the 2009 edition of OverTheAir, the mobile meetup which took place in Imperial College, London. It was two days of incredible fun, good presentations and interesting hacks (including a colourful attempt to recreate Dr Who's Holodeck).

The whole event was full of good happenings, from the threatening presence of a full-size Dalek guarding the beanbag area to the superinteresting Teen's Dragons Den session, where several teenagers judged if they would invest in the different mobile companies some of our mobile entrepreneurs were presenting.

Photo credit: Matt Cashmore

We had the opportunity to attend several talks, around such hot topics as mobile accessibility, augmented reality, widgets from different platforms, and how to properly design mobile applications.

From YDN we also contributed talks on Blueprint for Mobile sites and how to use Yahoo APIs to add more value to your mobile application. The slides are published in slideshare at http://www.slideshare.net/phobeo/yahoo-apis-for-mobile-content-location-and-context-overtheair-2009.

We also had the tough task of sitting on the judging panel for the different hacks that were presented. We are proud to announce that the prize for best hack using Yahoo APIs was given to project "Something Around You", an augmented reality application that used YQL to display different sources of data like local restaurants, flickr photos and cinema information, overlayed using Wikitude API in an Android phone. Congratulations to Robert Munro, Alfredo Morresi and Stefano Zingarini! They took home a nice Nespresso machine that hopefully will help them alleviate the sleep deprivation after their overnight coding work!

Photo credit: Rain Ashford

We'd like to thank the organisers and all the attendees for putting together such a great event. We can hardly wait for the 2010 edition!

Ricardo Varela
Yahoo! Mobile Architect