YDN and Opera developer event in Oslo, Norway

Last Friday we packed our bags to go north to Oslo, Norway, for a Developer Evening hosted by the Norwegian School of Information Technology, the Yahoo Developer Network, and Opera Software.

Olso impressions

Around 70 developers showed up to see what we were offering. They were greeted by Andreas Bovens (@andreasbovens) of Opera Software showing the new widget runtime of Opera and the debugging options with Opera Dragonfly. Andreas did a mix of slides and live coding and debugging which is great but hard to keep a record of - sadly enough there was no filming. This was a shame, as he gave an interesting overview of what you can do with the Opera widget runtime which has been around for ages but has recently been disconnected from the browser. Rather than running widgets inside a browser, you can have standalone applications (much like Adobe Air) using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the Opera widget engine. There is a great widgets article on the Opera Developer Network that should get you going. Andreas' slides are available on SlideShare:

Using Dragonfly you can debug websites and widgets alike, and you can even debug widgets while they run on a mobile phone. There is also a great video of Andreas and David of Opera at the YUI Theater explaining more of the Opera developer offers.

The Yahoo talk revolved around the concept of using systems and solutions that have been already done for you instead of re-inventing the wheel every time and making a bad job of it. To ensure that our solutions will work now and in the future it is a great idea to build on top of libraries, use tested and working building blocks. We free ourselves from browser implementation issues and concentrate on building fun, accessible and usable systems instead, using existing standards.

The slides of the talk are available on SlideShare:

You can also listen to an audio recording of the talk (54MB MP3) hosted on archive.org.

Detailed notes of the talk are available on my blog: Notes of 'things you can use'.

We hope we managed to inspire some of the Vikings out there and given the success of the event we are sure to return to Oslo sooner or later.

Chris Heilmann
Yahoo Developer Network