YDN at Mobile Monday London

It seems like lately public awareness about mobile apps has grown exponentially: when pub conversations begin to include banter around the 3G iPhone, the cheapest pay-as-you-go plans and how to upload your mobile photos to Flickr, you know something is going on.

Of course we developers want to get our apps running in those mini devices everybody has in their pockets as soon as possible... But how? Should we develop a mobile web version or a java j2me application? Or maybe try the Nokia SDK? What about those widget engines that run in many platforms? Or is it better to just target the iPhone?

On 15th September, Mobile Monday London is organizing a panel discussion on this hot topic under the title of "Mobile Platforms: Too much choice or Hobson's choice?". YDN team will of course be there, commenting about our own mobile widget initiative and some of our lessons learned from our own mobile products.

Check all the info about the event in Mobile Monday's blog and hope to see you there!

Ricardo Varela
Mobile Developer, Yahoo! Europe