YDN at Hadoop India Summit

On Wednesday Feb 16th, YDN was at the Hadoop India Summit hosted by Yahoo! in Bangalore. There was a great turnout with more than 700 attendees. The summit featured a broad range of talks with speakers from various companies like Yahoo!, Facebook, Amazon, Linkedin, eBay, Informatica, HP, AOL, as well as academia.

We were there at the YDN booth to show YQL, the query language that makes it easy to retrieve and combine data from across the web. We did a number of interactive demos using the YQL console. Participants were just wowed on seeing how quickly they could mash up data from multiple sources using YQL. We also talked about running server-side javascript on the cloud, and how can one make an API YQL accessible with Open Data Tables.

YDN at Hadoop India SummitYDN at Hadoop India Summit

My personal favorite of the day was learning about a very cool use of Hadoop by FlightCaster. FlightCaster predicts flight delays before airline alerts. The prediction is based on a combination of real-time and historical data about weather, flight status, and other factors. They use Cascading which runs on top of Hadoop to forecast the future!

All in all we had an excellent time at the Summit – we learned a lot and talked to a lot of smart people. If you couldn't be there, do check out presentations on YDN's SlideShare. Here is the keynote address presented by Todd Papaioannou, VP, Cloud Architecture, Yahoo!.