YDN goes to school in Seattle

Yahoo! evangelists and other developer network crew are heading up to University of Washington in Seattle to serve up a little YDN juice with the usual Hack U menu. We've got two Yahoo! Open Technology Talks scheduled and the developer community outside the campus gates is invited to attend. Both events take place at the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering, which looks like a wonderful space for a hack event, even if the sun isn't shining in the Emerald City.

Someone on the yuiblog wanted to know who is coming. Here goes: The Thursday night talk on February 19 features Yahoo! software engineer and technology evangelist Jon LeBlanc, who works with the Partner Integration group in the Yahoo! Developer Network. If you've spend any time on the YOS forums, you've probably already met him. Jon is a Canadian, born with native geek cred: a camelcase last name.

On Saturday afternoon, February 21, as part of the HackU demos and closing festivities, JavaScript guru and Yahoo! Press author Douglas Crockford will speak about "JavaScript: The Good Parts." Douglas's talk starts at 3:30 on Saturday afternoon -- it's free and the public is welcome to attend.

SearchMonkey's Paul Tarjan, and UWaterloo alum Rasmus Lerdorf are also expected. On Thursday night we'll be adjourning for a round of beers at a local watering hole to be announced at the talk. Finally, kick-ass developers should note: YDN is hiring engineers, and Jon will be on hand to talk with you about these positions.

Event details are on Upcoming:

See you in Seattle.

Havi Hoffman
Yahoo! Developer Network