YDN Goes to the Future of Web Apps, Miami

Our visit to Miami late last month led to a very packed week, with BarCamp, internal meetings and overviews, and of course, the Future of Web Apps (FOWA) conference. There have been a lot of great technology releases coming from Yahoo! lately, and we were there to talk about a few of them.

First came our 4-hour workshop on Monday, where Dan Theurer took us through an overview of how Yahoo! is open to developers and how users are interacting with Yahoo! as a result of our open strategy. Jonathan Trevor followed this up with a detailed overview of the Yahoo! Query Language (YQL), showing the incredible features coming out of the YQL team at Yahoo!. YQL is a major part of the Yahoo! open stack, exemplifying what "open AT Yahoo!" means for developers. YQL allows developers to define their own tables and build their own data sets that go far beyond the reach of Yahoo!. Check out the Open Data Tables documentation to learn more about this. In the final round, I presented details on how to build applications on the Yahoo! application platform, including my own personal challenges and workarounds. Check out my YAP presentation at http://www.slideshare.net/Jonathan LeBlanc/future-of-web-apps-miami-fl-february-2009.

Round 2 on Tuesday was the keynote presentation by Dan Theurer on ?Open Strategy ? Applied?. Even when the FOWA team couldn?t get his slide deck up on the screen, Dan ran through a great overview of all of the open technologies being adopted and created by Yahoo!. Check out the missing deck at http://www.slideshare.net/dantheurer/fowa-09-open-strategy-applied.

This was a great conference overall, and we were glad to be there contributing back to the open web app development community.

Check out all the FOWA Miami photos at:

Jonathan LeBlanc
Technology Evangelist
Yahoo! Developer Network