YAP just got more social

The Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP) now includes even more ways to help your app go viral:

  • The ability to import contacts from outside Yahoo! (Facebook, Gmail, and more) is now highlighted in the YML Share dialog box.
  •  App installation messages are now pushed to linked Facebook accounts.
  • Performance enhancements provide faster rendering and other improvements.

Here's more information on these features.

Promote non-Yahoo contact importing

The YML Share dialog box makes it easy for users to tell their friends about your app. For some time, users have been able to import contacts into their Yahoo! Address Book from other services; we now make this very obvious with an explicit call to action and an import link.

YML Share

This means more users expanding their Address Books, which means that more of their friends will see messages about your YAP app. The increased visibility generated by app activity should lead to more installations.

YML Share - Import Contacts

Broadcast app install events to Facebook

When a user installs your Yahoo! app, we automatically create an Update message that is pushed back to Yahoo! Pulse, so the user's contacts will not only see that the app has been installed, but will also be given a link to the app.

YML Share dialog box

With YAP 2.3, users who have joined their Yahoo! and Facebook accounts can have that Update message sent to Facebook as well, just by clicking a checkbox. This is a means of reaching out beyond Yahoo! to entice potential users, using the power of personal recommendations from friends.



Speed up performance

Aside from knocking out several known bugs, the 2.3 release of YAP improves overall performance. Rendering, in particular, has been noticeably improved. At Yahoo!, we take response time and overall performance very seriously, and we think you'll like what you see with this release.

The forecast calls for more social

In the next few months, we'll be rolling out more features to make YAP even more social. You can build your app now, enjoy the current social capabilities of the platform, and automatically gain access to increased social power as we continue to improve the platform.

Find out more

Check out the full YAP 2.3 release notes. If you're new to YAP, the Yahoo! Application Platform Developer's Guide lays out what YAP is, how it works, and how to write great YAP apps.