YAP goodness: Games galore, WordPress

More game developers are coming onboard YAP, for self-service, Open Social-powered gaming goodness. Try out the latest from OMGPOP (no relation to Yahoo!'s OMG): Draw My Thing , Balloono, and Pool.

Can you read Chinese? Check out GodGame and Gamelet's Pet Crossing . Also available: Smash Snakes, Tank Man, and Crystal Digger.

GodGame on Yahoo! Pulsegodgame

We're counting down the days until we launch the wildly popular Zynga titles on our Y! network. Stay tuned.

Last week, we successfully went live with our redesigned Yahoo! Developer Network site, focused on our YQL-fueled developer products and our blogs. The YDN and Hadoop blogs were launched on a secure, PHP-deployed yahoo.com instance of WordPress. It's also powering the CMS for Y! News' The Upshot site.

Yahoo! News Upshotynews-upshot-ds