YAP Announces Beta Support for YUI 2.8 within Caja

We've just announced beta support for the YUI 2.8 library as part of the recent set of feature upgrades to the Yahoo! Application Platform. (See http://developer.yahoo.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=3007) This launch follows the announcement that YAP applications can now be built for the Yahoo! homepage, and is another step toward providing a rich set of tools to developers building applications with us.

What's included in this beta?

This beta launch offers an initial subset of several YUI utilities, widgets, as well as the core of the YUI library. This means that animations, tab sets, menu trees, as well as additional DOM and event support will all be available within YAP. Full documentation of the current feature set included within this beta release (as well as a few examples) are available at: https://developer.yahoo.com/yap/guide/yui-support.html

How do you use them?

Script source includes to attach external JavaScript are currently restricted within Caja and will be removed from your code base when rendered in the application view. This restriction has been lifted for the YUI library, which means that including required YUI libraries is as simple as it always has been. You just add the script source include for the library on Yahoo! servers, then start using the JavaScript library as you normally would. Your include would look something like this:

<script src="https://yui-s.yahooapis.com/2.8.0/build/button/button-min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Where do you get support and file beta bugs?

Since this is a beta release we are working closely with YAP developers to streamline the library and fix bugs that may arise. Support and bug filing are located within our YAP forum at http://developer.yahoo.net/forum/index.php?s=2354fa40cce0a1dacb8d534554c9a5a0&showforum=40. Also, if you have a piece of the library that you can't live without on YAP, please send us a message through to forum as well. We are using popular opinion as our guide for which pieces of the library to work on next.

The YUI and Caja teams are still working dilligently to get additional widgets within the 2.8 version of YUI to cajole within YAP, so stay tuned for additional features coming to the library.

Jonathan LeBlanc
Technology Evangelist
Yahoo! Developer Network
Twitter: @jcleblanc