YAP 2.4 is now live

We are pleased to announce that version 2.4 of the Yahoo! Application Platform is now available. Much of the work in this release lays the groundwork for significant changes that will be rolling out across Yahoo! in the coming weeks.

Extended Flash Support

The yml:swf tag is now supported in the app small view and preview. Now you can provide a much richer experience in these views using Flash. Don’t’ forget to review the full list of supported tags for these views.

Install Everywhere for Apps

When an app is installed on the Yahoo! network, it will be available on all applicable areas across Yahoo! that support YAP apps. For example, if a user installs an app on MyYahoo!, they will also see the application on their Pulse | MyApps page. This means that users will no longer have to install your app everywhere that they want to use it.

Yahoo! Pulse | Apps page for user, showing features Apps and user-selected Appspulse-apps

There will be some exceptions, such as if some Yahoo! sites restrict the types of apps that can be used to a specific category (for example, sports apps, games, etc.). This feature will be supported across Yahoo! during Q4 and may be available on different sites at different times.

Notifications Count displayed on MyApps page

If an App generates notifications for a user, the notifications count will be displayed on the user’s MyApps page in Pulse. Notifications will let your users know that there is some task for them to do within your app, and should drive reengagement with your app. The Notifications API will be available mid Q4.