Yahoo! Updates and your privacy

With increasing concerns about user privacy online, we at the Yahoo! Developer Network want to reiterate that the privacy and security of users are our primary concerns. We have taken extensive measures to help ensure that profile information is protected and that users have permitted the sharing of activities they generate on Yahoo! prior to their being added to our activity streams. (See Your Privacy, Your Controls, Your Yahoo! Updates for more on this.)

We take pride in the privacy protection choices we provide, but some users may not remember the data permissions that they grant applications or developers. To that end, we have a simple dashboard that lets users view and control the feeds that they are sharing with Yahoo! or developers through our application platform.

Managing what is shared

Customize Application Updates

Users' profiles, activity streams, and configuration settings for social activity on Yahoo! can be monitored and edited through their Yahoo! profile. Within the Updates Tab is an option to Manage My Updates. That page displays all applications that users have linked to their account and installed on Yahoo!.

For each application, users have the option to share application updates with:

  • Anyone (public activity viewable by everyone)
  • My Connections (only people with whom users have a reciprocated following)
  • No One (private activity stream)

Users who prefer to not work with the customizable options for Updates and not share any information can always choose the option to disable all feeds. At the top of the page is a checkbox to Share My Updates. Unchecking this box will disable all activity sharing through Yahoo!.

Sharing more

Share More Updates

In addition to the customizable options for sharing from applications users have already installed, there are a wide range of other services that can tie into a user's activity stream. This is a good way to drive additional traffic through to a user's other accounts and sites.

To integrate these services, our users can click Share More in the Updates tab on their profile or go directly to the Share More page. It lists many popular networks that can be added to the Yahoo! activity stream. Once added, users can manage who can see these updates by using the customizable sharing options discussed in the previous section.

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