Yahoo! University Hack Dundee Mark II – getting those students hacking


The European University Hack team went up to Scotland yesterday for a day (taking a turboprop plane from London no less) to start this year's Dundee University Hack.

The University of Dundee is taking the idea of our hack program very serious and made it part of the students' course work deliveries.This is why we don't go for the 24 hour hackathon we normally do across the pond but allow the students a week time to come up with a hack idea, get some feedback on it from the Yahoo! development team and deliver their hack in a month's time.

Yesterday we kicked off this year's program by explaining the idea and showing some of the technologies you can use to hack in the sense of the program.

We also introduced the students to some of the best practises we use and provided information about internationalization and localization using our own product R3 (which was already covered here previously).

You'll be hearing more about R3 here soon - for now you can check the presentations on hacking for university hack day and technologies for hack interfaces on slideshare.

Chris Heilmann