Yahoo!’s Ricardo Varela at WebCamp in Romania

Romania just had its first Yahoo! developer invited to speak at an event, at WebCamp: Connected Life's Ricardo Varela went to Bucharest last week, on Wednesday, to tell Romanian developers what Yahoo! does related to Mobile products.

Webcamp photos
Photo credit Bobby Voicu

Though we thought it might be a little bit early, since Romania's Internet mobile market is not that developed, the interest was quite high, Ricardo getting lots of questions after the event, talking to people interested (including Mihai Dragan, the manager of mobione, the company that created Yahoo! Maps for iPhone and iPod Touch). Maybe the best feedback I had was from a developer that said to me: "You know, I am not interested in mobile, but after Ricardo presentation, I will go and take a look, because it looks really interesting now".

The venue was also interesting, since the event took place in a night club, we also had some foosball tables (Ricardo is a good player, btw) and had free pizzas :D Everything was great, including the nice people we met there.

Webcamp photosPhoto credit Bobby Voicu

Among the presentations there, I really enjoyed the presentation Vladimir Oane did about the semantic web (see it here) and Victor Kapra's presentation about online communities (not available, yet).

Below you can find Ricardo's presentation (download here) and you can go here to see/listen an interview he gave to an online radio/tv station and some more photos here.

Bobby Voicu
Community Manager for Yahoo! in Romania