Yahoo! Pipes + Webplayer = Awesome!

When was released we thought - this would be a perfect enhancement to the Pipes pages that link to media! The simplicity of Webplayer and the ability to create customizable playlists / mashups with Pipes are a win.

pipes webplayer img 1

Pipes that link to media content will have the Webplayer initialized on the page. The Webplayer by default will be minimized on the lower left hand side of the page. A play icon will also be to the left of the link if it detects it can play that media type. This feature is only available on the List view of pages currently. You can also use the json output of your Pipe to create your own badge using Webplayer on your website if you choose.

The media types that Webplayer currently supports are:


  • mp3
  • xspf
  • wma
  • flv (audio only for now)
  • wav
  • m4a
  • m3u
  • m4u
  • asx
  • pls


  • YouTube links
  • Yahoo! Movie links

This list is expected to grow and please visit for more info.

Example Pipes:

My YouTube Favorites

Top Rated Movies

Free music from (classical,acoustic,electronic,hip hop,jazz,pop)