Yahoo! OpenID: Now with Attribute Exchange!

Today we're happy to announce that Yahoo! OpenID now supports Attribute Exchange, which enables users to share their Yahoo! Profile data when they sign into sites using their Yahoo! ID. The fields that we support include:

Sites wishing to use Attribute Exchange should use the schema defined at

Sites that require verified email addresses can use Yahoo! OpenID to quickly authenticate Yahoo! users and verify their email addresses, without having to force users through the clunky manual email verification process commonly used today. And because OpenID is an open and interoperable standard, sites can reuse the exact same interface that they used for Yahoo! with other email providers that support OpenID, including GMail, Google Apps, and AOL.

OpenID is an open and interoperable standard that makes it easy for users to sign into websites using identities that they already have without having to manually register a new account, create a new profile, or remember another password. Sites accepting Yahoo! OpenID can directly contact the user using the verified email address returned via Attribute Exchange.

Allen Tom (@Allen Tom)
Architect, Yahoo! Membership