Yahoo! OpenID limited testing for Simple Registration support

Today, we are announcing the start of a limited test of the Simple Registration extension for the Yahoo! OpenID service. The Simple Registration extension allows OpenID RPs to request user profile data from the OpenID provider. Yahoo! will be providing Yahoo! OpenID users the ability to share the following Simple Registration fields for this initial test: Full Name, Nickname, Email Address, Gender, Language, and Timezone. The Yahoo! OpenID user will have full control on whether to share their profile data with the OpenID relying party. We will use the Yahoo! Profiles API to populate the user card, which will be presented on the Yahoo! OpenID Review and Confirm page.

The goal of this limited test is to gather feedback on the usability of the current design, optimize performance and detail best practices for consuming Yahoo! profile information via Yahoo! OpenID. We are initially testing this with a limited set of relying parties, including and

Additional details can be found in our user faq:

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