Yahoo! at Open Source Developer Conference in Taipei (

On April 24-25, the fifth annual Open Source Developer Conference was held at the Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan.

More than 400 developers attended some 32 sessions during the two days of the developer conference. For the first time, the developers joined in for a hackathon to show off their newfound knowledge, following the event.

Note to developers in Taiwan or Southeast Asia: Please check out the tools and data Yahoo! has to offer developers in Asia.

Doug Crockford at Open Source Developer Conference Taiwan 2010

JavaScript... er, ECMAScript presentation

The creator of JSON, Douglas Crockford presented the following talk on The Tale of JavaScript. I mean ECMAScript.

Building a platform using symfony and open source

Being the Yahoo! symfony guru, I presented a session on Building a Platform from Open Source at Yahoo!.

See more presentations from OSDC Taiwan on Slideshare.

A special thanks goes to Yahoo! Taiwan engineer Hsin-Chan Chien, who was key to organizing and making the a success.

Dustin Whittle
Dustin Whittle
Developer Evangelist