Yahoo! Open Hack India 2011

YDN is excited to announce that the 4th Yahoo! Open Hack India will take place in Bangalore on 30th & 31st July 2011. This is one of our most popular events. In 2010, over 2000 developers and designers registered to attend, and 400 of those had registered within the first 24 hours alone. Sadly, there were only places for 450 hackers and 150 tech talk attendees, so it was tough having to turn away so many talented hackers.

This year we will be increasing the available places to 600 hackers and 200 tech talk attendees, which will make it our biggest ever Open Hack. We still expect more demand than supply. So, if you really want to come along, we recommend that you register quickly to increase your chance.

Register here for Open Hack India 2011

We hereby issue a call to action for developers, designers and innovators from all across India to come to Bangalore and participate in this most awesome event! Yahoo! will provide you with everything you need to have fun, be creative and productive, and impress your peers. Show us what you can build with the wealth of technologies and data available on the Internet.

We'll fuel your creativity with a variety of Yahoo! technologies and APIs, including YUI, YQL, Messenger, Updates, Yahoo! Search BOSS, and more. We'll introduce you to wonderful data sets ripe for mashups and visualizations and keep you fed, watered, and caffeinated throughout. All you need to bring is your creativity, your laptop, and your toothbrush.

To learn more about what Open Hack is all about, check out Ricky Montalvo's Hackumentary or visit Hacking 101, a presentation by Christian Heilmann.

If you'd like to be considered for participation, please register here. Due to the limited size of the venue, we will be reviewing applications for attendance. You are welcome to hack individually or form a hack team, but please sign up individually.

More information on Open Hack India 2010

Here's a great review of the 2010 event and event coverage from India TV9.

Best of luck and see you there!