Yahoo Meme now with an open API – powered by YQL

Meme ( from Yahoo! is a light blogging and self-expression tool available in beta. Meme helps people quickly share what they are interested in and passionate about – including text, photos, video, music - with the world. Its design is incredibly simple to use and supports multimedia and text formats.

So how is this of interest to developers? Meme offers an open API built on top of the YQL (Yahoo! Query Language) platform. Developers can use this open API to create new applications based on Meme as well as easily create mashups with other products through YQL. In fact, the Yahoo! team used Meme’s open APIs to build the Meme mobile experience for smart phones.

Meme allows people to:

  • Post their own content and repost the content of others that they find interesting
  • One-Click reposts for simple and easy publishing
  • Follow other Meme users and comment on their posts
  • Remove content from their Meme including previous updates, reposts, comments, etc.
  • Check out the most popular posts
  • Consume and create content via their mobile devices
  • Content limits are up to 2,000 characters and up to 7MB per photo

Screenshot of Meme

Meme is available in beta in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Meme has already started to capture the imagination of people around the globe from Brazil to the Philippines to India, China, and Turkey.

You can find out more about the Meme API by visiting the Meme documentation. We'd love to hear your feedback and questions on the platform, so we've also set up a Meme forum.

Antonio Carlos Silveira
Director, Head of Latin America Engineering, Yahoo! Media Products and Solutions