Yahoo for the masses – one attempt at explaining evangelism

Ever since I started the job as a full-time evangelist for YDN, people have struggled with the concept and wondered what it really is that I am doing. I've explained the hows and whats of tech evangelism in another presentation that is actually in use in other companies.

When I went to India for the Open Hack Day last week the office there asked me to give some tech talks whilst I am around and one of the topics was how to explain what Yahoo does to the outside world of developers. This is what I came up with:

Looking at the catalog of free offers we give to developers I cannot help to think that if these had been available when I started as a developer my career most likely would have moved differently and much faster.

So with this information comes a plea to people attending our talks, developer evenings and other events: let's talk shop, let's not get lost in product or stock market chatter. We can do amazing things together if you tell us what you use and how we can make it better.

Chris Heilmann
Yahoo Developer Network