Yahoo! Maps? You Don? Have to Ask

I? very happy to announce tonight that we have lifted many of the restrictions associated with the Yahoo! Maps APIs. Until today, the APIs were available only for non-commercial use unless you applied for an exception. The concept of commercial and non-commercial has gone away and exceptions are no longer necessary in most cases. We have given you explicit Usage Policies to help guide you.

Whether on your business website, blog or personal site, you no longer have to ask for permission. Feel free to:

  • Build Mashups and use our Maps for personal or business use as long as the applications are free of charge and under the rate limit.
  • Link to Yahoo! Maps or Driving Directions to your heart? content.
  • Include advertising on the same page or site where you display Yahoo! Maps.

There are still some Usage Policy so make sure to have a look at those.
Finally, please make sure to register your application because we love to see all the exciting stuff you?e doing with our APIs. Should you ever need an exception for any reason the first step is to register your app with us.

Vince Maniago & The Yahoo! Maps Team