Yahoo! Live ships with API goodness

Yes, Yahoo! Live is alive! Yahoo! Live is an experiment in personal live video broadcasting, brought to you by our Advanced Products team.

In parallel with the launch of our site, we're also releasing a set of Web Services and a couple of embeddable Flash objects for developers and web weavers. With these tools you can:

  • Find out who's broadcasting right now
  • Get data about past broadcasts
  • See snapshots of past broadcasts
  • Embed live video in your blog or web page

Our docs, along with pointers to a couple of sample apps, are at The API (and the docs!) are currently in pre-1.0 land; we'll incorporate feedback on both into our 1.0 API release. The specs are subject to change, and we have limited capacity, but we wanted to get the tools out to you for feedback today.

For details, check the API docs, the Yahoo Live! site and our blog. You can also find a directory of sample apps at and on our blog. Send your samples to us, and we'll post 'em there, and on the blog, as well.

Eric Fixler, Y! Live engineer