The Yahoo! lineup at Velocity

The 4th annual O'Reilly Velocity Conference, focused on web performance and operations, runs from Tuesday, June 14 - Thursday, June 16, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. The conference is now officially sold-out but exhibit hall and online access passes are still available. And the entire conference will be livestreamed here, for free!

If you're at the show, come find us on the exhibit floor at Booth #420; we'll be showing YSlow as well as YSlow for Chrome, plus there will be opportunities to meet up with some of the Yahoo! speakers after their talks. (Hint #1: Look for the purple. Hint #2: We're hiring!)

Topics and themes to be covered at Velocity include: Automation strategies, mobile performance optimization, cloud computing: the good bits, JavaScript speedups, storing and managing big data (NoSQL, Hadoop), metrics and monitoring,
and more.

Here's a quick look at the Yahoos who will be speaking:

- Douglas Crockford, JavaScript architect, will deliver a keynote on JavaScript & Metaperformance: telling "the true story of developing a new benchmark with the intention of encouraging good practices."

- Marcel Duran, Front-end lead on Yahoo!'s Exceptional Performance team will do a lightning demo of next-gen YSlow on Wednesday, at 11:00 am.

- Ian Flint, a services architect for Yahoo!'s community and communications products (think Mail, Messenger, Groups, and more), will share lessons learned from World IPv6 day, which took place earlier this week, as part of a test of preparedness for the new protocol.

- Daniel Hunt, who works on the Yahoo! Mail Performance Team, will deliver a talk titled "Oh, To Be Single Again - Building a Single Codebase in a Client-server World." (What more can I say!)

- Julia Lee, Senior Director of Engineering will share her wisdom and experience on "The Impact of Ads on Performance and Improving Perceived Performance."

- Jake Loomis, VP of Service Engineering at Yahoo! will go deep on the subject of the epic stability of the Yahoo! homepage and analyze the reasons for a rare outage that made news last fall. Don't miss "Why the Yahoo FrontPage Went Down and Why It Didn't Go Down For Up to a Decade Before That."

Hope to see you there!