Yahoo! Korea App Hack Day

Korea hack day

The March 26 Hack Day in Seoul, Korea, hosted 75 engineers, who produced 27 apps and 18 ideas (submitted within 24 hours).

Yahoo! Korea staffers Albert Kim, Daebom Kim, and Johnson Park won first prize during with their polling app ("I’m the King of Vote"). Second place went to "Wish," an app that shows all information on a specific celebrity. Third place was shared by three apps: an automated international football TV schedule; a real-time traffic app that shows local closed-circuit TV (CCTV) clips; and a juke-box app that collects music from other sites and generates a playlist on Yahoo! Korea pages.

The "King of Vote" polling app lets you create a poll that people can copy-and-paste into blog or other online social networks. The poll can also be reposted by other users. The social features inside the app include ranking and Y!OS profiles.

Winners received a 27-inch iMac, MacBook Pro laptops, and netbooks for each place, respectively.

Thanks to Jinho Jung for the photographs (and participation).

Korea hack day prizes