Yahoo! + Koprol = virtuous circle

Jakarta, Indonesia — The open-source virtuous circle of community-based reciprocal value and continuous improvement is exemplified by the success story around Jakarta-based Koprol. Starting in late 2008 and more formally in February 2009, Koprol development started, building on Yahoo! developer tools. By November 2009, the Koprol team, led by Daniel Armanto, was presenting their developer tale at the Southeast Asia Open Hack Day, in Jakarta. On May 24, 2010, Yahoo! announced that it was acquiring this really strong team, uniquely suited to Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and emerging markets.

Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous country, with 230 million people. Its mobile-phone base is expected to reach 200 million in the next two years — and there are twice as many searches from mobile devices than from personal computers.

The Hack Day presentation

According to Michael "Smitty" Smith, Director of Global Tech Initiatives, Daniel's presentation showed how Koprol — a located-based social network on the Web and mobile Web — uses Yahoo! APIs, including our authorization tools, as well as Fire Eagle, for managing user location data, and the Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP), which gives developers worldwide an opportunity for placement on the homepage.

Koprol also integrated Yahoo! Login (OpenID) into their site, so that users could sign into Koprol using their Yahoo! IDs, and saw an increase in the adoption of the service. They also added a link to Yahoo! Contacts to allow users to easily find friends that are using the service already. Not surprisingly, Koprol saw an increase in traffic to their site when they added these services.

Koprol homepage

Local sharing

The Koprol team has been innovative in how they've been able to combine social, mobile, and local aspects to create a great experience for their users. Rather than solely being an app-based smartphone solution (accessible to only a small portion of the global market), the Koprol team built a service specifically tailored for users in emerging markets. Through Yahoo!, they will now be able to scale the service and make it available to a much wider audience base.

The Koprol database of locations and community experts enhances the way people discover businesses and interact with one another through ratings, reviews, or postings. This space is evolving rapidly — Koprol is well positioned to further develop to suit the needs of users in Indonesia and eventually across other emerging markets, where mobile web users often outnumber PC users. Koprol allows connections about locations to flow in real-time via their mobile phone browser, making the service accessible to a larger percentage of mobile users. Once on Koprol, people can check-in to their current location and see where others are and what they are doing.

The service includes a “thumbs-up” feature to elevate favorite places to the top of the ranking. Users can also start or join discussions based on particular locations and invite friends to participate, creating a unique city-based social mobile community resource.

Koprol founders do the Yahoo! yodel

Yahoo! Open Strategy (YOS) and YDN bring innovation to Yahoo!, as the Koprol story demonstrates. By exposing our APIs and services, we attract innovative developers like Koprol to build great use cases with our platforms. Have a listen to Koprol founders Satya, Fajar, and Daniel.

For more details, refer to our official press release.

T-shirts and jobs

The Koprol blog offers that developer necessity, the Koprol t-shirt. Oh, and they're hiring.

Koprol staff

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