Yahoo! India R&D at the Great Indian Developer Summit

Bangalore, the city with probably the largest concentration of software developers in the world, played host to the Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS). The summit was held over four days from April 22 to April 25, at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, and drew close to 3500 developers.

Great Indian Developer Summit Sign on Flickr

Welcome to the Great Indian Developer Summit - Photo by Donald Belcham

Yahoo! was involved in GIDS in a number of ways. As the official Hack sponsor, we organized HackLite, a lightweight hacking event where coding happened behind the scenes and then demoed at the venue. 'HackLite', modeled around the popular ?Open Hack Day? concept, provided an opportunity for developers to build applications and widgets using Yahoo!'s Open APIs (like Blueprint, BOSS, YQL, Maps, Flickr).

We also lined up tech talks for all the developers who visited the Yahoo! Developer Network lounge. At the heavily attended technical talks track at GIDS, we spoke about Yahoo!'s Open Platforms, focusing on Blueprint (Yahoo!'s mobile application development platform) and BOSS. BOSS in particular piqued the interest of developers who were intrigued by its capability to customize search experiences. Developers swarmed the YDN lounge on all days asking how they could get creative with our open platforms and APIs and whip up some gee-whiz applications.

Lastly, we had two speakers:

* Priyank Garg, Director, Product Management, Yahoo! India talked about BOSS and SearchMonkey.

* Chidambaran Kollengode, Director, Cloud Computing, Yahoo! India R&D evangelized Cloud Computing and Hadoop.

Overall, GIDS was a great opportunity to spread the word about open platforms and APIs to a new and captive audience.

Nelson Vinod Moses
Yahoo! Bangalore