Yahoo! HackU @ IIT Delhi Rocked

Yahoo! HackU @ IIT Delhi

The third edition of HackU @ IIT Delhi was held from August 16th to 19th, 2012. And as you might expect from a hackathon, it was full of the thrills and rushes involved with hacking up your ideas in a 24-hour window. Over 250 students participated with some students coming over from IIT Roorkee. The ACM chapter @ IIT Delhi pitched in and contributed much.

The event was kicked off with a very enticing keynote from Amit Dayal, VP, Yahoo! Commerce. The keynote presented various ideas the students could hack upon while solving various problems. The inaugural note by Prof. S.N.Singh gave the students more exercise for their grey cells on how they could come up with solutions for problems that mankind faces daily.

After these two impressive talks, it was time for the specifically practical hack talks. The series started with the talk on Hacking 101. This was followed by talks on various Yahoo! technologies including YQL, YUI, BOSS, Geo, Semantic Web and Answers, along with talks on the basics of PHP, JavaScript and web primers. The talks were well spread over two days and the crew managed to "hack" in some improvements to the talks based on excellent feedback from the attending students.

The 24 hour hacking clock started at 11:00pm on Friday. Once the hackers were done with their code, judging them was no simple task. The esteemed panel consisted of Dr. Shail Gupta and Puneet Sangal from Yahoo! and Prof. Jyoti Kumar who were aided with the feedback from techcrew. In the end, out of the 28 hacks demoed, winners of IIT Delhi HackU 2012 are:

  • Socially conscious - Blood Connections by Vigya Sharma, Mohit Saxena
  • Geeky Hack - HackView By Abhishek Das, Ashwini Khare, Abhay Rana, Shashank Mehta
  • Business relevant - IIT Debates By Rahul Goyal, Utkarsh Agarwal, Pranay Agarwal, Ravee Malla
  • Coolness factor - Hungry Smiley By Aravindh Raman, Mohit Chhabra, Gaurav Aggarwal, Nikhil Ranjan
  • Awesome User Interface - Genroo By Ameya V. Baporikar, Supriyo Roy, Monisha Pattanaik

Special mentions for these hacks:

Congratulations to all the winners and kudos to all hackers for coming up with your brilliant hacks! You can check out all the hacks at hackTrackr. A big shout out for the tech crew comprising of Saurabh Sahni, Manuj Bhalla, Tom Praison, Sumana Hariharan, Pramit Roy for all the tech talks and helping out the students with ideas brainstorming and the hacks. Hats off for Chelliah, Damayanti, Natasha, Arjun, Cheryl and all other folks who made this event a feather in the hat for hackU!

See all the pics that we took at our Flickr link for the event.