Yahoo! Enables Monitoring of Login Activity for Better Account Protection

Today Yahoo! is enhancing account security by allowing users to monitor their recent login activity and consequently better protect their account access. Online accounts are regularly phished or hijacked. Abusers can then use these compromised accounts to send email spam or defraud unsuspecting users. The latest incident of email breach at Dallas-based Epsilon, where millions of stolen email addresses potentially could be used for targeted "spear-phishing" further emphasizes the importance of safeguarding your online account. In fact, I was among the millions of consumers who received an alert email from Chase Bank regarding the Epsilon security breach. Everyone is at risk at any time.

Being able to view your Yahoo! account login activity will allow you to monitor and confirm any suspicious event before taking the correct course of action to remedy it. A detected suspicious login event is highlighted by an “alert” icon – see the screenshot below. You should then take the recommended actions including:

- Changing your password;
- Setting up a Yahoo! sign-in seal; and
- Updating your account security questions.

To access the new "Login Activity" page, simply navigate to Yahoo! Account Info and click on the View your recent login activity link.

Login Activity UILogin Activity UI

Users can click on the "Location" drop-down menu and select the "IP Address" based view. Users can also view where the login events originated, such as browser, Yahoo! Messenger application, or mobile device. You can read more about this feature here.

Empowering users to monitor their account access activity is just the one of the many account security features available at Yahoo!. You can expect more to come later this year. Two-factor authentication (i.e., a 2nd user challenge in addition to the standard username/password authentication), proactive login alerts, and suggested stronger password are just a few account protection measures "in the brew." Our ultimate goal is to provide users with as many transparent countermeasures as possible to prevent account hijacking and illegitimate account access.

alt="photo of Aanchal Gupta"> class="note">Aanchal Gupta
Director of Engineering, Yahoo! Membership