Yahoo! Developer Network comes to Barcelona, Spain. Join us!

People of Barcelona (and the rest of Spain or, heck, even Southern Europe), get your calendars out and mark Wednesday, the 17th of June with a small "YDN" note.

For the first time, the Yahoo Developer Network (well Anil - from Open Hack fame and me) will come to Spain to talk to you about some of the things developers can use for free to make their lives easier and impress their bosses and colleagues.

We've done several Developer evenings like this before in locations like San Francisco, New York, Singapore, London, and Paris. Now we thought it is time to come to Spain and see what developers expect from us there (experiencing the English "Summer" helps, too).

The talks will be in English but there are local Yahoos around to help with translation and explanations. We start at seven in the evening in the Yahoo offices at Avinguda Diagonal, 197 9th floor, Barcelona, Catalonia 08018 with half an hour setup. Then there'll be an introduction and some hands-on examples on how to use APIs like Flickr, build interfaces with YUI, test your websites with YSlow, build your own search engine with BOSS, and remix the web using Yahoo! Pipes and YQL.

All of this will be followed by you asking questions and us answering them followed by a fair few rounds of drinksnetworking and socialising.

All of this is free and all you need to do to be a part of it is sign up at upcoming.

See you then!

Chris Heilmann
Yahoo! Developer Network