Yahoo! Developer Events: April

April showers us with the usual sprinkling of barcamps, hackdays, pirates, and conferences.... Wait...pirates? she asks, as visions of Jack Sparrow dance in her head... Read on, matey!

At HackNY, April 2-3, New York University, YDN Hack Day engineer Eric Wu will be in attendance. Hilary Mason from (one of our Open Hack NY winners) is helping to organize the event.

Y!OS engineer Mich Cook will be attending BarCamp Rochester on April 3 at the Rochester Insitute of Technology, New York. Over at Dev Nation in Atlanta, Stephen Owens will speak on "Browser MVC with YQL and YUI."

The University of California, San Diego, is the site of this Spring's HackU, April 5-9. YDN's Erik Eldridge is attending. Javascript guru Douglas Crockford will speak on Javascript: The Good Parts.

On April 10, BarCamp Harrisburg will be where you can find Jon LeBlanc. Meanwhile, Yahoo! Social Platforms director Mike Vargas will be at BarCamp Charlotte.

Tom Hughes-Croucher will speak on mixing and matching Web APIs at MinneWebCon 3 in St. Paul, Minnesota, on April 12.

YDN will be at Chirp, the Twitter developer conference on April 14, at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts Theatre.

We're sponsoring the Pirate cruise at the April 16-18 Javascript programming language's JSConf 2010 in Washington, D.C. Tom Hughes-Croucher will lead a session on "Piratin' the YQL Way," while Douglas Crockford's session asks "Really, JavaScript?"

In addition, we're offering a free workshop at JSConf on the 16th, open to attendees and non-attendees. The sign-up page has more information on the YUI 3 user-interface library morning session and the afternoon session on the Yahoo! Query Language (YQL).

On April 17, the BarCamp Boston unconference unfolds. Our Ara Pehlivanian , a front-end developer for Yahoo! mail and an expert in YUI, will be there.

We'll be at F8, the Facebook Developer Conference on April 20-21, at the San Francisco Design Center.

Dustin Whittle will talk about "Building a Platform from Open Source at Yahoo!" at the Open Source Developers' Conference Taiwan on April 24-25.

Yahoo! Geo Technologies engineering director Gary Gale will speak at the April 28-29 Location Business Summit in Amsterdam.

Which brings us to the end of April. You can become a fan of YDN on Facebook to stay on top of our latest news and events. Do you have an event suggestion for us? Let us know via @ydn on Twitter.