Yahoo! Connected TV Developer Event – Mobile and TV

Three years ago Yahoo! Connected TV launched on TVs around the globe. We are now the largest Connected TV platform in the world with 8+ million TVs and well over 1 million active monthly users. We are psyched to share the next phase of Yahoo! Connected TV!

We invite you to join the Yahoo! Connected TV team in Sunnyvale, to learn about some exciting new capabilities we are making available at the event. We will show you how to leverage your existing mobile and tablet apps to create 2nd screen interactive TV experiences that are engaging and monetizable.

Learn how to enable your current mobile apps to communicate with Yahoo! Connected TV using our Device Communication protocol. This communication platform supports two-way message-passing between tablets, smart phones and Yahoo! Connected TV. Content sharing, keyboard, navigation, and application-specific messages can be communicated through our protocol over a local network.

- Share videos from a mobile device to the TV

- Send web page URLs from the TV to your phone’s web browser

- Utilize gestures and touch to accelerate discovery, launch and navigation of TV Apps

- Create 2nd screen Interactive apps for entertainment, games, social, sports and shopping

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