Yahoo! Our City: mega-mashup from Yahoo! India, with Hack Day roots

GigaOM picked up the story of a project out of Yahoo! India called Our City. Boiling down the product to its essence, Om says, "Pretty easy to get a quick snapshot of what? happening in a city." It's certainly a great product but it has an equally great story behind it.

Last April, I went to Bangalore to help run the first Yahoo! Hack Day there and it was an awesome experience. Bangalore Hack Day Judges I was one of the judges for the event (see photo), and I remember one hack that easily stood out. The hack was a local mega-mashup focused on Bangalore that included Flickr photos, links, Upcoming events, and content from many other sources. The team called the hack "Our City," and it went on to win the Best Overall Hack award at that inaugural Bangalore Hack Day.

Sound familiar?

Yes, Our City was born on Hack Day from the inspiration of a small team of hackers chasing an idea to fruition. Our City is now a Hack Day success story. After some polishing and refinement, Our City is now out in public beta. Check it out.

Hack Day at Yahoo! is all about turning inspiration into reality, and when I look at Yahoo! Our City, I see a true triumph of hackers. Great job, Sai, Thanix, and the Our City team!

Be sure to check out some of the APIs that the Our City team used to build their product -- you can use them, too:

Chad Dickerson