Yahoo! Application Platform new release

We are pleased to release version 2.2 of the Yahoo! Application Platform. Several new features and enhancements are included with this version of YAP that allow developers to present a better experience to and drive more social interaction between users.

New Preview view

Within the gadget XML file, we have added support for a new view type, Preview. The Preview view, if included, will be displayed to users who have not signed into Yahoo! or have not yet given the app permission to access their user data or broadcast updates.

You can use this view type to provide an introduction to your app and entice users to log in. You can provide permission for your application to be personalized and thus generate updates to the users social graph. More information is available in the Gadget XML Configuration File section of the guide.

YML Customize page in Guide

Yml:customize tag

There is also a new YML tag created for use in Preview. Yml:customize is used to create a call to action for the user to permit the application so that they can get all the app features, broadcast updates, and see the full app user experience.

Richer updates for app installation

Version 2.2 also includes much richer information in the Updates broadcast to the user’s social graph when the user installs the application. These additions include more graphics, descriptions, and actions that a user can take when they view the update. These updates should get more attention from users and drive interest and additional installations of your app.

yml:message, yml:share updates

In version 2.2, we now allow any GUID or email address to be used with these YML tags. Specifically, the "to" tag attribute can accept any GUID, and the share dialog recipient list can accept any email address.