Yahoo! Accepts OpenID Authentication with Google

Today we're excited to announce that Flickr, Yahoo!’s premiere photo sharing service, is accepting OpenID authentication with Google. This allows hundreds of millions of Google users to easily sign in to Flickr using their Google accounts with a few mouse clicks. By accepting OpenID authentication with Google, Flickr has streamlined account creation experience and also made it easier for existing users to sign-in and interact with photos on the site.

Flickr Mini RegFlickr OpenID Mini Reg

Returning users who are already signed in to Google can further benefit from the “one-click” sign-in to Flickr, without having to enter user ID and password. As a return user, you can initiate the “one-click” sign-in process by clicking on the Google icon within the Yahoo! login popup screen. You are then signed in to Flickr instantly.

Flickr OpenID LoginFlickr OpenID Login Screen

Yahoo! embraces open standards and believes that online users should have choices in how they identify themselves on the Web. More choices in user identification and authentication translate to a richer, more flexible user experience on Yahoo! and elsewhere. Since OpenID is an interoperable open standard, Yahoo! plans to extend the same OpenID login functionality to accept user identities from other OpenID providers beyond Google in the near future.

Our goal is to make it extremely simple and transparent for anyone to authenticate and engage with Yahoo! using an online identity that they already have. Eliminating the need to create and remember yet another ID and password ultimately benefits the Web community — both end users and Web site providers.