Workshops and the inaugural Yahoo7 Open Session in Australia

G'day! After the busy week in Taiwan, I'm in Australia for more workshops and the inaugural Yahoo7 Open Session.

Impressions of the Yahoo7 developer evening

On Wednesday night around 60 developers came to the almost obscenely beautiful Yahoo7 office in Sydney harbour, to hear my talk on all the free stuff Yahoo! has for you:

In order of appearance I talked about:

All in all, the session went very well and we got great feedback from developers about this offering of developer tools and resources, and how they can be used in the local market. The Open Sessions in the Sydney office will continue next month with Yahoo!'s Philip Tellis coming down under to talk in detail about web site performance.

I am off to relax a bit, see some Wombats, and get a plane back to London to catch the Eurostar for the next YDN event in Paris on the 29th April.

Christian "Time zone? What time zone?" Heilmann
Yahoo Developer Network