The winning hacks from Hack Day London

The Hack Day judges handed out prizes for some of the most interesting, entertaining, useful and 'I-shoulda-thought-of-that' hacks built at Hack Day in London. Almost all of the following are live (at the time of this post) for you to see and play with:

Best hack of the rules : Blue Steel, Beagle III

Should have been in the product yesterday on Yahoo!: Stephen Fernandez, Indicating Users in Flickr Photos with tags and notes (greasemonkey)

Should have been in the product yesterday on BBC: Dharmafly, Hack Hud

Best use of BBC API’s: Monkey Tennis, BBC Nwsr 24

Best use of Yahoo! API’s: Steffan Jones, Flickr Tunes

Most Useful: Richard Rutter & Andy Hume, "Get us Organised"

Best International Hack: Mnemosyne, You say potato, I say Solanum tuberosum (greasemonkey)

Funniest Hack: North and South, Top Gun

Best Overall: Nick Bilton and Michael Young,

There were also a few special category winners presented by the Hack Day sponsors:

Make Magazine:

SecondLife: Supernova, SLorpedo: The mixed reality game of naval warfare

Flickr: Steffan Jones, Flickr Tunes (also "Best use of Yahoo! API’s". see above.)

BBC Radio: Erin & Kelvin, John Peeled

And if you want to see what else was built, Christian Heilmann posted the complete list of submitted hacks, and Frankie Roberto liveblogged the demos.

Matt McAlister