At Where 2.0: the GeoPlanet concordance beta

Today I'm at O'Reilly's 6th Where 2.0 conference (my 4th), representing Yahoo! Developer Network along with colleagues from the Yahoo! Geo Technologies team, Yahoo! Local, and Upcoming. There are over 900 attendees here at the San Jose Marriott, riding a towering wave of interest in location awareness. If the crowd is any indication, the geoverse seems to be headed for an endless summer of epic proportions.

I'm listening to the well-caffeinated, and truly checked-in Yahoo Geo Technologies Engineering Director Gary Gale speak to a packed room about ubiquity, new frontiers, hyperlocal nirvana, and other concepts essential to understanding the exploding world of whereness.

Gary presents his theory of stuff as it related to geo-aware location-based services. To develop an effective and compelling web-based or device-driven location-based application you need: stuff + secret sauce + people.

He goes on to announce the beta concordance enhancements to GeoPlanet, Yahoo! Geo's resource for managing all geo-permanent named places on Earth. The GeoPlanet concordance feature is the first step towards geosetta, a geographic Rosetta Stone that lets you convert between the namespaces of WOEIDs, ISO 3166, FIPS, INSEE, Geonames, JGDC, IATA and ICAO.

You can see the concordance in action in a handy tool built by Chris Heilmann, YDN evangelist, wanderer, and geohacker (@codepo8). Try out Geosetta to play with the concordance and see what it does, or read the release notes for all the technical details of the latest GeoPlanet release.

To learn more about why this matters, don't miss Gary's post on the Yahoo! Geo Technologies Blog, Of Building Blocks, Rosetta Stones and Geographic Identifiers. You'll also get a taste of Gary's uniquely British perspective on Where 2.0 and all things geo.

Havi Hoffman
Yahoo Developer Network

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