Welcome to the new YDN blog

We've upgraded our blog, and we're back on the blogosphere! YDN blog is now powered by the industry-standard, best-of-breed blog authoring and publishing tool, WordPress — which is open sourced under the GNU General Public License. WordPress boasts that its "core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers," and we're pleased to join that community.

In a future post, we'll describe how WordPress is used across several Yahoo! properties. We tip our hats to shiny and learned Y!OS engineer and WordPress lead Ben Ward. Here, read his Understand the Web personal blog post to grok the depth of his passion for All Things Web. Kudos also to Brian Cantoni, who drove the backend integration and migration, and to Stephan Douris and Nick Terry for the design.

We hope you approve of our new features, such as the Twitter widget, and that you'll send us any feedback. Please bear with us as we refine any kinks over the coming days.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to invite you to contribute any technical, developer-to-developer blog posts. Feel free to send us an email if you have any ideas or potential contributions.

Newsletter On another front, community manager Robyn Tippins is announcing that the YDN Newsletter sign-up page will be open as of Thursday, September 30. The first issue will be sent out in a few weeks.