Warped text, easy OAuth, charts, workstation inspiration, and goodies from the spring conference circuit

March kicks off the spring tech conference season in North America. Here are some links to prove that the web springs forward:

- CSS Warp generates code to display text that follows a windy or irregular path with pure CSS and HTML.

- Mozilla's Web O'(pen) Wonder showcases beautiful browser demos built for the Open Web.

- An amazing example using OpenGL in browser space with WebGL.

- The Pros and Cons of using a CSS framework.

- Google is making OAuth easier with OAuth 2.0 for Google APIs.

- Slides from Chris Heilmann's (@Codepo8) recent talk from the Confoo conference in Montreal, HTML5 – Moving from hacks to Solutions.

- 40 inspiring setups -- other people's cool workstations.

- Creating diagrams, charts and flowcharts with Diagramo using HTML5 in your browser.

- Slides from James Reffell's SXSW talk last week on Oauth, OpenID, Facebook Connect: Authentication Design Best Practices.

- Interesting use of Google Map as the background of a web site.