Wanted: AJAX Interface Developers

It seems strange to be talking about user interfaces on a site devoted to webservices. After all, a query to the WebSearch API produces output that only a programmer could love. But for a large segment of you, the availablity of that data without markup is license to let your interface-designer self run wild, producing pages that bend, fold, spindle and mutilate that data in crazy ways. There are some great examples out there, and I know there's a bunch more of you doing amazing things with the data.

In short, we're looking to hire people who love to push the boundaries of what modern DHTML and especially AJAX can do, working with our external webservices and internal ones as well. Why yes, we have internal webservices. Will you see them someday? No comment.

If you live and breathe DHTML we're looking to fill all sorts of positions. If you see one that's right for you, send in your resume. If not, keep an eye on http://careers.yahoo.com. We're just getting started.

Toby Elliott
Yahoo! Webservices