Vote for Yahoos at South by Southwest (SXSW)

As you probably know, voting for the SXSW panel picker ends on Friday, September 4. If you aren't one of the many people who've already voted for us, or didn't know we have panels to vote on, here is my personal pick of the SXSW proposals written by Yahoos.

SocialMania: Designing Social Interfaces - The Game

This one is from Christian Crumlish and ex-Yahoo Erin Malone - a card-game-playing workshop to explore how social design patterns interact. (You can also pre-order their new book on Amazon).

Getting Any Web Data As If You're Using SQL

This one is from me. It's all about YQL. So if you want to see more about how to select * from internet or insert into the.Web (your) values ("of data") in Austin, vote it up!

The Mother Of All Homepage Redesigns

This is from the tireless LukeW, as he reminds everyone that Yahoo! is the web's home page

Improving the User Experience of Ads on Your Site

This is Chris Jaffe's talk that shares insights into how an advertisement can provide a good user experience, because at Yahoo! we think that even advertisements should be awesome for our users.

Stay Classy, SXSW: Building Respectful Software

This one is from Flickr's Matthew Rothenberg (mroth), delving into the tradeoffs inherent in designing social software while trying to respect your users.

But don't just listen to me. There are plenty of proposals from Yahoos and from others that include Yahoo products. Feel free to search for yahoo or flickr at the panelpicker (or use the two links below) and vote up the proposals you liked. (Note that some of these proposals mention us or our products but don't come from Yahoo!.) So, search for Yahoo or search for Flickr and vote as often as you like.

Tom Hughes-Croucher (@sh1mmer)
Yahoo! Developer Network