UX Heavies Gather in London this June

uxl-250x250-2.pngThe same guys who brought you the awesome dConstruct event last September are at it again this June 15-17, with a conference designed by and for user experience professionals.

As I told Whitney Hess recently, I believe user experience, taken broadly, is everyone's business. Look at the track record of the folks organizing UX London: both personally, and professionally, the Clearleft crew are good eggs and well rounded, hybrid-type, designer-engineers. Add in the calibre (note UK-friendly spelling) of the speakers, and it's clear to me that these people get it in a big way. Look at their beautiful site, with its clean url structure, strong visual design, and smooth third-party integrations: Dopplr, Upcoming, Twitter, Flickr.

The lineup is amazing:

  • Eric Reiss, "the Lion of IA," principal of FatDUX, champion of the Euro IA Summit, an always entertaining and thought-provoking speaker, on customer service and copywriting
  • Our own LukeW on the redesign of Yahoo.com, the world's most accessed page and how to be more influential in your organization.
  • A veritable murderer's row of headliners: Don Norman, Jared Spool, Peter Merholz, Dan Saffer, Leisa Reichelt, Jeff Veen (the Adaptive Path alumni network mafia going strong)
  • Donna Spencer, card sorting Aussie IA pioneer, Mags Hanley who, among other things, founded the UX management mailing list hosted by the IAI, and more.

Registration has opened already, so add it to your calendar now!

Christian Crumlish
Design Evangelist, Pattern Recognizer
Yahoo! Developer Network